Welcome to the unofficial web site of three of the rarest Chevrolet Super Sports of all time; the 1967, 1968, and 1969 Impalas that were ordered with the Regular Production Option (RPO) Z-24, more commonly known as the Impala SS427. "Z-24" was Chevrolet's option code for these special Impalas and was basically a package of high performance options centered around the 427 cubic inch V-8 engine. It was Chevrolet's final attempt at a performance oriented full sized vehicle during the 1960's.

To quote several pieces of literature I have read, they were almost an "automotive dinosaur", a car that was already extinct by the time it was conceived. The "Horsepower Wars" waged within the automotive industry during the late 1960s had all but killed the concept of a full-sized, high-performance vehicle when the first Impala SS427 was introduced in 1967. Every major vehicle corporation had lessened their restrictions on placing large displacement engines in small and intermediate-size cars.

The younger generation of Chevrolet enthusiasts were flocking to buy the smaller, lightweight Camaros, Novas and Chevelles. Most of the buyers loyal to the full size Chevrolets were becoming family men, requiring a more tame mode of transportation. The Impala SS427 probably seemed very impractical to most potential customers and consequently it was a vehicle with a very limited market of buyers.

I have been gathering the information posted on this web site for the past several years and decided to share what I have learned with all the other people who truly enjoy these great cars. I hardly consider myself an expert and would never claim to be one. I am, however, a very avid enthusiast of the late 1960's full-sized Chevrolets and I decided that these cars should finally get the recognition that they so richly deserve.

The Impala SS427 is usually always overlooked when it comes to Chevrolet muscle cars, normally having to stand in the shadows of the Camaros, Novas, Chevelles or even more recently their own descendants, the 1994-96 Impala SS. I decided it was time to do something about that.

All the information posted within this site is there to the best of my knowledge, and has not been endorsed in any way by Chevrolet. All of the comments made within the text of these pages are based on what has been established as a "correct" car for each individual year. However, one must bear in mind that there are many factors that could lead to a legitimate vehicle not having a "correct" look. Factory errors, damage sustained in an accident, owner's tastes, etc., etc. There are a couple of examples of such vehicles within this web site. The information that is posted is done so only to show what these cars most likely looked like the day they rolled off the dealer's lot, not to prove or disprove the authenticity of anybody's vehicle.

By clicking on any of the links to the left, you will find detailed information and pictures of all three model years of the Impala SS427, an all-Chevrolet photo gallery, a message board where Chevy enthusiasts can leave posts, my guest book, a links page, and a page where cars and parts can be put up for sale. Enjoy it and thanks for stopping by!


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